The Monthly Fly Fishing Box

How do we pick the flies? Good Question.

At iFlies, we send our monthly Trout Subscription Boxes with flies relevant to the current hatch here in the United Kingdom. We have found that this method has worked pretty well, with our boxes catching Brown, Rainbow, Tiger, Sea, and Brook Trout around the world.

What about your Salmon boxes I hear you ask? Salmon is another kettle of fish (excuse the pun). When it comes to Salmon we are talking about the Salmo Salar – The mighty Atlantic Salmon.

Our monthly  Salmon Subscription Boxes are curated with some of the finest Salmon flies you will ever use. We use some exotic patterns with our own twist, alongside traditional Scottish patterns such as the Green Highlander, Thunder & Lightning, and Ally’s Shrimp.

In short, the flies we decide to put in each Salmon Box comes down to a list of 10 of the finest flies we have that month - you will never get the same Salmon fly twice within a 12 month subscription.

We also have a dry good store which stocks fly fishing apparel and many products from Loon Outdoors , Tiemco, Fishpond USA, Morell, Tenkara Rod Co, Frog Hair, Tacky Fly Fishing, and Thomas & Thomas Fly Rods

Trout Fly Box


Salmon Fly Box 


About iFlies

iFlies was founded by twin brothers Andy & Mel Sutton from Scotland in 2015. Their monthly fly boxes are being shipped across Europe, USA, South America and Asia Pacific, stuffed with premium flies every month! 

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